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Unlimited Big Data

You have unlimited access to precedent high court decisions in your country and around the world. No restrictions are made.

Simultaneous Search

You can select the desired country and court at the same time in unlimited combinations and bring the closest results to your search.

Unlimited Translation

You can professionally translate and use the high court precedent decisions you display in the search results with the translation feature into any language you want.

Language Detection

Automatic detection of the language of the words typed while searching in the desired language. When searching the case law, the language of the words you typed in the search window is automatically detected.

Mother Tongue Search

You can search for case laws in the language you want by typing in the mother tongue. Thanks to our automatic language detection feature, you can search case law in other languages ​​by typing search words in the desired language.

Up to Date Case Law

All of our case law is individually updated for each Supreme Court, at the latest monthly. You stay up to date with the most up-to-date precedents.

All Kind of Written Legal Works

You can publish all kinds of written legal works such as book, article, thesis, contract sample, petition, opinion..

Useful Law Literature

Publish your Written Legal Works in a digital protected work format. You can publish your works for free or paid without transferring your copyrights. All publishing services are completely free. You can publish all kinds of Written Legal Works such as book, article, thesis, contract sample, petition, opinion .

For those who want to purchase your works separately, Full & Egal prints your works and sends them to the purchasers. The printing fee is reflected separately from the digital work. Thus, your work reaches less cost, authors earn more, readers buy cheaper. .

Superior Search

Superior search engine is easily accessible to the content of all the works with. This way, readers can reach a fair way in your work. Your Written Law masterpiece paid or you decide to Free occurred. You can change whenever you want it. You reap the prices of the masterpiece of your printing costs without thinking only in digital format. < Br >
You evaluate it free of printing costs, you can update it whenever you want. You can store and sort all the free works you have purchased or liked in your private library, access them whenever you want from all your devices. You can easily access your legal information from anywhere.

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Many institutions with we work and we support. We give service with tens of millions of people in decisions and legal literature!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the frequently asked questions for you.

Full & Egal is the world's most comprehensive legal database and search engine that provides advanced artificial intelligence- assisted search technologies , where all legal information is stored worldwide . It includes high court decisions and legal works. Full & Egal offers legal information to its users in the best way, using big data technologies.
Our database contains the decisions of many international courts as well as all the high courts of many countries. You can access the names and numbers of courts and case law from our Decision Table above. Full & Egal presents this unique and up-to-date number of precedent high court decisions to its users through an AI -powered search engine. You can search these jurisprudence written in a foreign language with search words in your native language, translate the decisions in a foreign language to your native language with a superior success. You can follow the international high court decisions valid for your country and all the high court decisions of your country in the most up-to-date manner.
In order to reach our Supreme Court decisions, you must subscribe to our subscription packages. After subscription registration is created, a 30-day free trial period starts and at the end of this period, the subscription fee will be automatically withdrawn from your bank card monthly or annually in the relevant periods.
You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel after subscribing to our monthly packages, your right to use will continue for the remaining time of the fee charged from your account. In annual subscriptions, the advance fee charged for the remaining period after the cancellation is returned to your account. See for Subscription Cancellation.
E-Works (books, articles, theses, petitions, etc.) uploaded by our legal writer users are works in our legal digital library, where they are available for free or paid use. There is no charge. You can publish any kind of work by using the editor of our site. You can upload your works, which you have finalized in Word.doc file type, by copy and paste method without losing format.
After all the taxes of the works offered for sale are paid by Full & Egal, 70% of the net income is paid to the author on a monthly basis.
Yes, readers can buy the printed works by adding them to the basket. Printing costs are added to the basket, unlike the digitally protected work. For users who purchase a work also in print, the content of the work is instantly opened digitally, and the printed work is delivered by cargo as soon as possible. & Egal does not make any profit from the printing process.
The Work Search Engine allows detailed searches on the most up-to-date legal works in our digital law library.
Searching is completely free. You must register to use our entire system.
The Precedent Decisions of all High Courts in our database are updated monthly at the latest. All precedent cases are extracted and updated by uploading them to our system.
When we make our case law updates, you can instantly access all updates through our website or application. Our users do not need to take any action. In addition, our users provide instant access to the Courts that will be uploaded to our system for the first time.
Full & Egal has a high mission that tries to reach legal data all over the world and present information in the most useful way. In accordance with our vision to reach universal law and contribute to the development of law; we need legal knowledge all over the world. We are constantly in need of legal texts and practices developed by all countries we are making an effort.

We are here for you if support is required.

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